Dinosaur bone rough ready to cut for dinosaur bone jewelry
Mark Hileman with dinosaur bone rough



Fossilized dinosaur bone occurs when the body of the deceased dinosaur is buried in an oxygen deprived environment to prevent decay.  Once the dinosaur is covered by volcanic ash, lava, mud, clay or silt the petrification process can begin.  Petrification occurs either by replacement, recrystallization or permineralization of the fallen dinosaur's body.  Permineralization is the most common way fossilized dinosaur bone is formed.  In the permineralization process, ground water finds its way into the remains of the dinosaur and leaves behind minerals such as calcite and silica in the voids and cavities down to the cellular level.  In rare cases the original fossilized bone becomes remineralized with silica in the form of agate.  Agatized dinosaur bone is quite hard and forms in a variety of colors depending on what other minerals are present when the fossilized bone is formed.  Agatized dinosaur bone is rare, but the bright colors you see used for dinosaur bone jewelry are extremely rare.  Most agatized dinosaur bone is found in earth tones consisting of drab tans, browns and muted grays with only an estimated 5% of all agatized dinosaur bone being the desired reds, blues, greens and yellows used for stunning dinosaur bone jewelry.  The top quality agatized dinosaur bone is also known as gembone.    

Nice piece of agatized dinosaur bone rough.

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Mark inspecting some slabs and rough dinosaur bone.

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Mark Hileman Jewelry creates beautiful dinosaur bone jewelry from the best fossilized dinosaur bone available.  Our dinosaur bone rings are a customer favorite and many clients choose our dinosaur bone wedding rings as a symbol of their love and unity.  The dinosaur bone in our jewelry is available in a variety of colors including reds, grays, whites and blues.  We often accent the dinosaur bone in our rings, earrings and pendants with other colorful stones such as sugilite, turquoise, lab created opal and many others.  Some of our dinosaur bone wedding ring designs also feature gemstones like white sapphires, black diamonds, moissanite, topaz and garnet for added sparkle.  All of our dinosaur bone jewelry, including our wedding ring sets, is available in sterling silver, Continuum sterling silver, white or yellow gold, and platinum.  Some of our gembone jewelry is also available in 316L stainless steel as well.


Hileman dinosaur bone rings are available for both men and women in many styles and colors.  All Hileman dinosaur bone rings are made to order in your exact ring size in 4 to 6 weeks.  When browsing our dinosaur bone ring selection keep in mind that you may be able to substitute a different color dinosaur bone for the color shown.  So, if you love the red dinosaur bone but the ring style you like is shown with the gray dinosaur bone, ask us about inlaying your ring with the red dinosaur bone to make your ring the perfect fit for your preferences.  We can also add accent stones to your ring such as black onyx, sugilite or lab created opal if you prefer a more lively mix of colors to harmonize or contrast with the dinosaur bone.  Most of our dinosaur bone rings are shown in standard sterling silver with options like Continuum silver, stainless steel, white or yellow gold and platinum being an upgrade.  Contact us with your ring size and we would be happy to give you a price quote for a metal upgrade.  If you don't know your ring size, please visit a local jeweler and have you finger sized accurately.